Nexus (Nexus)





July 11th - Nexus announce their new CS:GO roster - BTN, r1d3r, RealCron, -nJ- and j0der join.

October 13th - RealCron and j0der are replaced with XELLOW and COSMEEEN.


June 13th - cosmeeeN joins Epsilon Esports. TheOne replaces him.

August 17th - SEMINTE replaces TheOne.

September 6th - equix joins as a coach.

October 3rd - Nexus Gaming part ways with jaxi.

October 7th - Nexus Gaming sign iGm from Invictus Aquilas.

October 8th - Nexus Gaming releases SEMINTE and sXe, jaxi returns to the team.


February 8th - equix parts ways with the team.

May 7th - Nexus Gaming bring back equix.

June 12th - Nexus Gaming replaces iM and Blytz with SEMINTE and sXe.

August 21st - equix part ways with Nexus Gaming.

November 11th - jaxi steps down from Nexus Gaming and retires.


January 17th - sXe leaves Nexus Gaming.

January 20th - iGm joins Nexus Gaming.

March 25th - iGm Leaves Nexus Gaming.

March 26th - SXe and COSMEEEN join Nexus Gaming.

June 23rd - Nexus Gaming replace COSMEEEN with r1d3r.

September 3rd - Nexus Gaming part ways with r1d3r and sXe.


January 1st - sXe rejoins Nexus Gaming as the team's coach.

January 26th - ragga leaves Nexus Gaming. sXe takes over as the team's fifth player.

February 19th - Nexus Gaming add Cr0n0s as coach.

March 19th - Nexus Gaming part ways with Cr0n0s.

April 15th - Nexus Gaming part ways with SEMINTE while iM is acquired by an undisclosed team, later revealed to be Team GamerLegion. They sign Blytz and acquire s0und from GameAgents as replacements. Additionally, l0rd-dll joins as a streamer.

May 19th - Nexus Gaming acquire lauNX from GameAgents.

July 8th - Nexus Gaming part ways with sXe.

July 19th - s0und leaves Nexus Gaming.

July 22nd - Nexus Gaming acquire mhN1 from Infinite Gaming. Aditionally, ToH1o joins as the team's coach.

September 22nd - Nexus Gaming part ways with mhN1.

October 8th - Nexus Gaming sign renne.

October 16th - Nexus Gaming part ways with Blytz.

October 19th - Nexus Gaming sign ragga.


January 7th - Nexus Gaming part ways with renne.

January 13th - Nexus Gaming part ways with ToH1o.

February 27th - Nexus Gaming re-sign SEMINTE.

April 10th - XELLOW is loaned to ECSTATIC as stand-in.

May 9th - Nexus Gaming part ways with lauNX.

May 30th - Nexus Gaming sign Sunvita as their new coach.

July 31st - XELLOW's loan with ECSTATIC ends and he returns to the active lineup.